The Mission behind my Just One Quilt films

I truly believe that everyone should make just one quilt in their lifetime and I would love to be the person who starts them on their creative journey.  

That is why I am launching the Just One Campaign campaign on April 5th 2019.

We have been very busy in recent months filming an engaging and emotional series of short films exploring the stories behind quilts being made right now. It is heart warming to interview each person – many of whom I have taught in the past 10 years or have been lucky enough to meet along the way.

I really would like to enlighten curious people about to what drives the quilting process, how quilts are used and why this craft is so beneficial.

I want these films to challenge the stereotype that quilts are old-fashioned and the domain of ageing grandmothers only. I want them to make people laugh, cry and to question how this craft could positively impact their own lives. 

I hope that you enjoy sharing your stories and celebrating other makers’ creative journeys.


  1. Anna says:

    What a beautiful project!

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