Just One Quilt: Trudi’s Story

Watch Trudi’s story here

If you have visited Festival of Quilts in recent years you are sure to have admired the work of Trudi Wood in the galleries. Trudi custom quilts for many makers on her longarm machine, as well as teaching workshops across the country and producing her own beautiful pieces.

I am grateful to her for showing me the basics of freemotion quilting many years ago, and for keeping me inspired by following her own creative development in this field.

What is a modern quilt?

We filmed this a couple of weeks ago when Trudi drove several hours to hand-deliver two quilts she has worked on for my forthcoming book. I was pretty exhausted that day, after many months of sewing and writing and we just cracked on before squeezing in a lovely lunch at Betty’s.

Quilting feeds my soul

Listening back to her interview to make the film I picked up on so many significant moments that I didn’t quite take in at the time, and I was very moved. Quilting feeds Trudi’s soul, through sharing her knowledge she gets a lot of joy, she is comforted by sleeping beneath her quilts at night and it has brought her into a community of people she loves very much, and otherwise may never have known.

The ‘Don’t Box me in Quilt” is powerful in its use of words as protest, a subject I am very interested in at the moment and studying more by reading Sarah Corbett’s “How to be a Craftivist”.

Once more the Just One Quilt films surprise me and give me plenty of food for thought. I hope it’s the same for you.

Jenni x


  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful . Her quilting is amazing! Love how she gets joy from sharing her knowledge.

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