Just One Quilt: Suzanne’s Story

Watch Suzanne’s story here

Suzanne Campion is a wonderful quilter and all of her projects are beautifully made. She has a real finesse with a needle and thread, and I love following her on Instagram because her projects always make me smile – especially her clever fussy-cut English Paper Pieced delights. She has a patience I don’t, and finishes her projects – a vague concept for me unless there is a book deadline involved!

Amazing English Paper Piecing

The SOS quilt in her film is no exception, and Suzanne has contributed a number of quilts in recent years to orphaned children in Eastern Europe, using her favourite Liberty prints.

However, Suzanne is yet to realise how special her talents are, and like many people sewing and quilting, she struggles to celebrate her own achievements. Confidence is the quality of being certain of your abilities or having trust in people, plans, or the future. It sounds easy, but it’s not. Social media is wonderful for creating communities but it also requires a bit of self-promotion and having to put yourself out into the world can be both terrifying and exhausting.

In my mind, everybody I meet who quilts has a genuine purpose and gains huge satisfaction from the process. The value of that is great and appreciating that value is hugely important. It’s not showing off, it is sharing the joy of creativity. Self-belief can lead to exciting things just waiting to happen when you give yourself a pat on the back and push yourself into the unknown. I’m so happy Suzanne shared her story, despite being pretty scared and waking up with a nail in her car tyre which could have been a great excuse to get out of it!

Is it obvious we have a shared love of Liberty!!!

Random acts of kindness make all the difference so don’t forget to tell people how great they are, what you love about their projects and how they have inspired you.

Happy sewing.

Jenni x


  1. Sally Kelly says:

    Lovely to see you Suzanne and so humbling to hear of you thoughtfulness and generosity with your quilting creations and time. X lovely backdrop too!

  2. Jenny says:

    Lovely story Suzanne and I’m so pleased I got to meet you today. I hope you had a G&T or three as a reward for your hard work today.

    Thank you Jenni for making these stories for us all to share.

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