Just One Quilt: Sue’s SOS Story

Watch Sue’s Story here

I was really touched when Sue came to Alice Caroline’s studio last week to drop off her quilt for the SOS project (don’t forget to watch that film if you missed it), and timidly agreed to share her story. We had never met before, yet we had a lovely chat and I really admire Sue’s kindness and honesty. The emotions associated with relinquishing careers and anxiety are tough and I am happy to be building a platform where they can be discussed comfortably, and hopefully strike a chord with more makers out there.

It is truly wonderful that quilting helps us deal with so many emotions in our everyday lives. A quote that will stay in my heart is:

“It just calms you down As soon as you see the stitches getting embedded in the fabric, you know that you’re creating something.”

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The film also brings up the point of having a project quilted on a long arm machine, and therefore finished off by another person. Sue calls it “cheating”, and I think in my earlier years quilting I probably felt that too. However, these days I can totally see how a collaborative approach can work brilliantly, and that ultimately we should focus on the parts we enjoy the most, or have the time to do.

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  1. Leisa says:

    I also loved the comment about seeing the stitches and knowing you’ve created something:) I think using a long armer is a great collaboration, especially when its a large quilt! What a lovely lady and another great story.

    1. Jenni Smith says:

      Thanks Leisa. I’m looking forward to seeing some of your quilts soon x

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