Just One Quilt: Stephanie’s Story

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Stephanie lives in Denver and hangs out with her quilting guild at Fancy Tiger Crafts, a store in the city which stocks my dressmaking patterns.

She stitched some amazing versions of the Hepworth Apron in her signature cool style, and shared them on Instagram, which is always a great pleasure for me to see them out in the wild.

My Hepworth Apron Pattern stitched by Stephanie

I could see that Stephanie had style and then I discovered her quilts, which are really unique and beautiful and technically blow my mind a bit.

We met up at QuiltCon in Nashville and had a wander around the show together where she was able to show me several of her quilts and tell me a bit about how they came about. She had won prizes, and continues to stack up the rosettes – but was very humble about all of that.

Can you spot Papper Sax Sten’s Quilt behind – a perfect duo!

There is an ongoing debate about quilts as art – and certainly her quilts looking stunning hung up. Yet her dream is for them to be functional – to be used and loved and to soak up the experiences of our lives – if red wine spills on them during a celebration that is absolutely fine – it will be a tactile memory of a happy occasion. I found this quite surprising just because they are such beautiful objects, but also heartwarming. Stephanie has a wonderful spirit, she is passionate and talented and in our brief meeting she had gifted me a handmade pendant and invited Kay and I to stay at her US home anytime!! Another fine example of the wonderful community of quilters, and an offer I dream we can make come true one day.

The quilt in the story was named “Dreamcatcher” once stitched – and is a Just One Quilt Story I am delighted to share.

Catch up with Stephanie on Instagram @spontaneousthreads and please leave comments for her too.


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