Just One Quilt: Nim’s Story

Watch Nim’s story here

Nim (short for Nirmala – but I’ve never heard her use it) came to my studio a few years ago to do a bit of quilting.

I’m happy to say that she is now part of the furniture – with her own special cup for tea that she drinks with way too much milk, and a favourite corner to sew in.

I have lost count of the number of incredible projects she has sewn up in that time, but each one is always a bit special, involves heavenly fabric and often it is to be gifted to somebody else.

Nim is @gingernim on Instagram

We have laughed together a lot, and we have cried too. Creativity can be an emotional rollercoaster – especially when you add a healthy dose of perfectionism, crazy technical challenges and the stresses of everyday life into the mix!

This project may have made us cry – in a good way!

What myself, and our other Thursday crew, have been delighted to witness though is Nim’s growth in confidence. Low self-esteem can be a huge barrier to feeling proud and successful and quilting has transformed our @gingernim. I can say this with confidence because I have witnessed it first hand. And it continues each week.

A corner of Nim’s sewing room at home

I learn a lot from hanging out with her too. I am not a perfectionist by nature but I admire how Nim pushes herself to be the best she can be and I hope a bit of that rubs off on me.

Talking openly about anxiety requires bravery and I was so happy when Nim said she would love to be part of the Just One Quilt campaign. Her story is heartwarming and her quilt is a beauty.

I would love to hear your comments if you have a few spare minutes to share your thoughts.

You can see Nim’s wonderful projects by following @gingernim on Instagram.

Thank You.

Jenni x


  1. Chris Halsall says:

    I was very moved to hear Nim’s story. I find her inspirational at our weekly class. Her creativity is amazing and I feel privileged to know her and Jenny and Kay. Xx

    1. Nim says:

      Thanks so much Chris for your lovely words x

    2. Jenni Smith says:

      Ah we like hanging out with you too Chris. Glad you enjoyed the film x

  2. Mair Dyer says:

    So lovely to hear that quilting has calmed her anxiety and made her feel good about herself. Loved her blue quilt. Off to find her on Instagram and follow her. Love these little films

    1. Jenni Smith says:

      Thank you Mair. You will enjoy following Nim’s creative journey I am sure.

  3. Sam says:

    Wonderful and so much of what Nim says resonates with me. Thanks for sharing x

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