Just One Quilt: Miranda’s Story

When this series of Just One Quilt Films was just an idea in my head I grabbed one of my many notebooks and began to write the names of people I had taught and the stories which evolved in class.

Miranda had sewn with me before her cycling accident, though her memory of this is vague, and I remember hearing that she was in a coma from a student and thinking about her a lot as the months passed, with friends filling me in on her progress.

It was a real joy to have her sewing with us again as part of her recovery, and we tackled triangles, then some of the Moda Building Blocks Quilt before the Northern Lights pattern.

I pushed Miranda to finish this quilt so that I cold exhibit it for the first National Festival of Making in Blackburn in 2017. It hung in the Community Clothing shop and was a particular favourite of Patrick Grant’s, who we worked on the show with. Miranda might kill me for telling you this, but it has since been nicknamed her Patrick quilt – and she goes to bed with him, I mean it, each night!

The fear of learning a skill and the vulnerability Miranda felt is not uncommon. It can be terrifying to step into the unknown, but I hope all of these films are a testament to the warmth of the quilting community. It’s not hype – it is very real and such a wonderful thing to celebrate. I always leave my studio after a day of teaching feeling lifted and am grateful for the many special women like Miranda that quilting has brought into my life.

Has quilting helped you through a difficult time in your life? I would love to hear your story too.

Thanks for reading.

Jenni x


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