Just One Quilt: Mags’s Story

Watch Mags’s Story here

Mags is a driving force in the Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild and is really passionate about the craft. We spent a bit of time together out in Nashville at Quilt Con, and more recently up in Scotland. Her home is filled with handmade delights, all with a story to tell and a bit of humour thrown in.

The quilt Mags bought in a charity auction she was helping to organise sparked a curiosity in her, especially when she realised the incredible amount of hours that must have gone into hand stitching the entire thing (approx 8 months work). The internet was her first teacher, before she found Jo Avery’s classes in the city and discovered her tribe, which I can tell are hugely important to her. Mags has travelled the world as an ex-pat so making friends can be hard, and sewing has built a network that Mags is really grateful for and helps flourish with events and exhibitions.

Mags with her mum’s butterfly quilt

The butterfly quilt made for her mum when she was terminally ill is not to her taste at all – and I know from personal experience that it’s really hard to commit time to a craft project you don’t love. However, when there is a strong motivation, in this case keeping her mum warm on trips out in the wheelchair, then you reach the finish line. Mags said her mum wanted to keep it for best, and wouldn’t want to take it in the rain – but she ensured it was used! I love that the quilt is now being enjoyed by her grandchildren and is helping to make new memories.

A detail of the hand-pieced quilt which inspired Mags to learn

Mags has found her placebo in quilting and even though she came to it a bit later in life, I imagine that isn’t going to hold her back in the slightest. I’m excited to see what she makes next and am so pleased she shared her story with us.

Finally, apologies for the slightly blurry part in the film – I promise we hadn’t been raiding Mags’s fancy drinks cabinet and I didn’t realise until I was back home in Yorkshire!

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