Just One Quilt: Lucy’s Story

Watch Lucy’s story here

It’s hard not to love Lucy Brennan aka @charmaboutyou because she is genuine, down to earth and funny. There is always laughter in her presence, and you always come away full of enthusiasm for the creative possibilities of a quilt project. I left our day at Janome HQ geared up to face my fear of pineapple blocks after spending time with her gorgeous quilt.

If there was a ban on quilting I would want to be in her clandestine gang for sure.

I’m always happy to hang out with Lucy

Sewing is essential to Lucy’s wellbeing. It connects her to the past, it calms her in the present and she encourages everybody to feel comfortable with the processes involved. Lucy was a firm favourite on the TV channel Sewing Quarter because she has the ability to make quilting fun and not daunting, and also because you know she truly believes in the huge benefits this craft offers to everybody who joins in.

Lucy’s blog Charm About you is her online space and well worth a visit. Her style is a happy mixture of modern and traditional and she has a very natural talent for putting fabrics together and creating quilts with a story, and always some soul.

Lucy also hosts the online Saturday Night Craftalong on Instagram where you can post what you are working on and have some friendly interactions with makers across the world.

I hope you enjoy the film and please leave messages for Lucy by commenting here, and sharing the links with your friends.


Jenni x


  1. Jenny says:

    That bubbly laugh gives you a glimpse of who Lucy is, warm, kind and super creative. Thank you for yet another pearl.

  2. Tina says:

    Brilliant Lucy, loved watching that. Thanks Jenni for allowing us to watch all these Videos about people’s work.

  3. Sally Maunder says:

    Lucy, you are such a lovely person and you have been and always will be an inspiration to me in my sewing journey.
    Since first watching you on Sewing Quarter I have learnt so much from you. Plus I seem to have acquired a large stash of Creative Grids rulers and Aurifil thread!!! 😘😂😂❤️❤️Xx

  4. charlotte m. says:

    Loved watching Lucy. I have been following her for a long time and I love seeing her bubbly personality showing.

  5. Sandra says:

    Lucy you were my inspiration to start quilting and now lots of quilts later I am still enjoying the process. You are such a happy bubbly person and this shows through in your quilts. Let’s hope they never ban it!!

  6. Barbara Evers says:

    Lucy’s charm comes through nicely in this clip. I’ve so enjoyed her classes at Patchworks in Poynton. Her enthusiasm and humor are infectious. She’s a great teacher.

  7. Diane Muldoon says:

    Lucy…You are just lovely. Your husbands new quilt is stunning. I loved watching you xoxo

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