Just One Quilt: Laura and Cath

Watch Cath and Laura’s Story here

Laura is my oldest friend. We started playing together at nursery aged 2 and 41 years later we still go to each others houses, make stuff and have a laugh. Her mum Cath baked with us, always had a craft project on the go and later knitted incredible jumpers and cardigans for my children. Her dad Barry is a super talented artist too and I loved seeing his new pottery studio in the garden when we went to Laura’s childhood home to film. The William Morris needlepoint cushions, homemade ceramics and rag rugs took me back to that happy haven of creativity I spent so many hours in growing up.

Laura and I in my big sisters’ Brownie uniforms

Quilting has provided us with a shared experience in the past decade. I was very honoured to be able to help Cath tackle this Wedding Ring quilt for Laura, especially choosing Scandi-inspired fabrics to bring a very old pattern up to date. It was a big project, and Cath has arthritis in her hands so it really was a labour of love. I have also taught Laura how to quilt and over quite a few months (or possibly years) she stitched a gorgeous quilt for her son, Arthur.

Lotta Jansdotter fabrics in Laura’s colour palette

A conversation with Laura quite a few months back sparked my desire to make these films. One day she told me that if her house was burning down, the one thing she would rescue is her quilts. It made me realise just how important these objects are in people’s lives, and really how no other physical object can offer such comfort and warmth.

It was special to capture Laura telling her mum just how much the quilt she made means to her and her family. I would love more of these conversations to take place, and perhaps this film will inspire you to do the same. I’m proud to know both these incredible women and to have always had their support in my adventures. Laura was a fantastic sounding board for me last year when I was writing my book, and helped me out with the kids when I was struggling to sew all of the quilts and Cath has always encouraged me and been full of kindness and enthusiasm.

I can’t believe I am wearing a patchwork apron in this old photo Laura sent to me when I was writing this post – obviously I was destined to be a quilter all those years ago!

Thanks for watching and reading.

Jenni x


  1. Claire Chalcraft says:

    Hi Jenni
    I am so thrilled to have found your blog and Instagram account through my friend Marlen (@milli_and_the_bee) … I haven’t watched the film yet but I already know I will love it! I am blown away by how wonderfully you are celebrating making and community. I run a little hashtag on Instagram #createandmend with a similar intention: to share stories of the power of creativity and making to help people and our planet. I love finding pockets of people building communities like this and just wanted to say well done. And thank you. (I do gush sometimes 😂 )


  2. Lisa says:

    What a gorgeous conversation, overflowing with warmth and love. Proud to have such talented, supportive women as my friends.

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