Just One Quilt: Jenny’s Story

Watch Jenny’s story here

Jenny or PapperSaxSten as many of us know her, was a virtual friend to me to begin with. I don’t remember when I started to follow her quilt adventures on Instagram but I do remember why. Jenny’s aesthetic instantly appealed to me. Her quilts made me smile and I wanted to look closer, and to keep looking and to see what would happen next. I was so giddy to admire her quilts at QuiltCon because nothing beats spending time in front of them in real life.

Kay and I invited Jenny to come and run workshops at our studio in Ilkley and I realised straight away that she is not only a wonderful teacher, but 100% committed to her artistic vision and exploring all the creative avenues that her curiosity takes her down.

Adele, Nim and Dot learning the basics of sewing curves

I am hugely impressed when talented people make every effort to encourage others to push themselves and to grow. Jenny’s generosity of spirit is obvious and I am absolutely convinced that she will convert everybody who she comes across to love sewing curves – or at the very least to try skills out of their usual comfort zone. We also both share a passion for persuading dressmakers to have a go at quilting – and Jenny previously worked as a professional pattern cutter in London and Stockholm.

Clare and Liz sewing up Jenny’s Sunflower Block

Everybody should take the unfamiliar road now and again. I am really aware that I make my life so busy and don’t allow myself time to just play. I hope this film encourages you all to be a bit braver, more care-free and to actively pursue those moments when you might just find out something about yourself as a quilter that you hadn’t ever thought about before.,

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