Just One Quilt: Jenni’s Lockdown Quilt

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I can tell that I aim missing teaching at the studio a lot, because I enjoyed chatting about my latest quilt to the camera and it took me a while to edit this film. It did feel a bit strange without Kay there to direct me though, and to make sure I’ve brushed my hair and am not slouching in the chair. Usually I would be sharing a newly finished project with all my lovely regulars over a cup of tea and cake. I miss human interaction with crafty people so much!

Last week I walked across Ilkley to Middleton Woods to see the bluebells. They were favourites of my Nanny Gladys and in bloom when it was Grandpa Stanley’s birthday on May 4th, so it is always a highlight in the Spring. Perhaps I have a new appreciation of nature because of lockdown, or perhaps this year they are better than ever but I was completely blown away. The next day I returned later in the evening to show them to my daughter, and as a last minute thought I picked up my quilt and camera.

The fabric in the quilt is soft double gauze which lets light through its fine fibres and I was really pleased that I was able to capture the simple beauty of the fabrics and colours in a landscape I love.

By the end of our walk my daughter Edie had wrapped herself up in the quilt and told me how much she loved it. That is quite unusual, because on shopping trips we always laugh about how our tastes are so different, as I pick out bright, spotted and striped outfits and she looks horrified!

Since that evening the quilt has gravitated to her bedroom and last night I saw her fast asleep snuggled beneath it. So, I might just have to buy more double gauze and make myself another for when I am old and grey and hanging out with my friend Nicky. All that matters is to know that something I have made with love and care can give comfort to another person, and I guess that is why quilting is such an important part of my life.

I hope you have been enjoying sewing projects during this very difficult time and thanks for stopping by.

Jenni x


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