Just One Quilt: Jane’s Story

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Making these films is an incredible journey, and an emotional rollercoaster. One element I hadn’t thought through before jumping in full of enthusiasm was how the process of talking about a quilt could be so meaningful for the actual maker. I was aware that the audience would react to the emotional stories, but I am absolutely delighted that each person sharing is finding the process surprisingly therapeutic. A little like the relief felt after sharing a secret. Celebrating the quilts shifts the association with them as objects made in a difficult period, and in Jane’s case making this film is a step forward in the grieving process. In fact I am writing this with tears in my eyes after a lovely email from her telling me just that!

The lovely Jane Read

I have always felt assured that quilts are incredibly important as records of social history but the Just One Quilt campaign proves they are even more important as records of our personal history. Telling our story through the simple and timeless medium of cloth and thread is powerful.

Jane’s Liberty quilt is a triumph of skill, bravery and I am so happy that it was inspired by a strong relationship, and lots of encouragement from her little sister, Jo Avery.

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Thank you x

Jane and her sister Jo Avery aka @mybearpaw

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  1. Lisa says:

    I loved watching Janes story and I think quilting is a therapy for many of us – thank you for sharing x

  2. Janequiltsslowly says:

    I agree with Jane that hand stitching is meditative and gives space and time to work through thoughts and emotions. Such a beautiful story.

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