Just One Quilt: Jacky’s Story

Watch Jacky’s film here

I really love that the catalyst for Jacky learning to quilt was her son’s passion for a quilt he had seen on a trip to Detroit, but that he couldn’t afford. She took it upon herself to start one straight away, and hasn’t looked back. It was a happy coincidence that Jacky’s teacher is my friend Deb McGuire, a master at hand sewing who gave her the bug and some great skills – this quilt is a beauty in real life.

A passion for the handmade isn’t shared by Jacky’s elder son though – who has begged her not to gift him one! This is quite a common theme when I make these films, but deep down we all know that will not be the case for evermore.

The laughter that can be heard in the background of this film is from the Thread House retreat which Jacky had travelled to take part in. These events are real highlights for people who don’t have a sewing community close to home, and a few days can fire up their enthusiasm until the next one.

But the big question that this film raises is who get’s the quilt if the worst should happen and a couple split up? Would you be willing to give up a treasured heirloom? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!!

Thanks for watching.

Jenni x


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