Just One Quilt: Imogen’s Story

Imogen is a bit of an inspiration to me because she has been following her dream to write for quite a few years and has forged a career through a lot of hard work and true determination.

Watch Imogen’s story here

On the surface you may think that she is super confident and that it comes naturally to put herself in the spotlight, but actually it takes a lot of guts to put your creative self out into the world, day after day, week after week knowing if you don’t champion your cause, nobody else will do it for you.

Leaving a successful career to raise four children, then voraciously learning new skills and self-publishing is brilliant and nothing to do with luck.

Imogen is also a finisher – of books and of quilts. I have come to the conclusion that ex-lawyers seem to have far less Works-In-Progress’s than someone like me. I guess they are skilled at finishing a job in a timely and effective manner, when I get totally distracted by the creative possibilities of something new and exciting!

I have happy memories of many quilts Imogen has made over the years – we have a shared love of Lotta Jansdotter, I recall some early Amy Butler designs, and the text prints in this quilt too.

A little bit of Imogen’s stash

It was a fun film to make – on the hottest day of the year pretending to wrap up in the cold writing room for a cutaway, and forgetting my quilt clips so that we attempted to use double-sided sellotape which as you can see from the last seconds of the film, didn’t really work.

I love how diverse our motivations for quilting are, every film brings to light special moments of how these physical objects evoke such emotional responses in ourselves, and other people. I’m yet to meet a quilter who has nothing of immense value to say about what they have made, and to me that is simply wonderful.


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