Just One Quilt: Claire’s Story

Watch Claire’s story here

Claire and I have a lovely mutual friend Jo and to celebrate her birthday they booked on a foundation piecing course at my studio in Ilkley. We had a good laugh and they both made a cushion and went home.

Then Claire returned – with several more small projects and asked to sign up to regular classes each month – in amongst 5 children and a growing business in hair extensions which she is apparently amazing at too!

The wolf pattern is by Violet Craft (see Dot’s story for her wonderful Lion). Claire totally changed the colouring – using striking tones of blue to match her daughter’s eyes, and he transformed into an Artic Wolf!

One incredible benefit of quilting is making a bespoke gift that nobody else in the world has. The wolf is symbolic for Claire, a metaphor for protecting her daughter and making her feel secure. Her children growing older has acted as a trigger for wanting to produce quilts so that if and when they do leave home (as she is hoping they will so she can claim a proper sewing space) – they will have a piece of her to take with them.

After contemplating a quilt for years I feel proud that our studio classes were the catalyst for a new passion Claire has embraced with all her energy.

Pattern is by Violet Craft

Fabrics are Kona by Robert Kauffman


  1. Sue says:

    What a fantastic first quilt, along with another great story. Thank you.

  2. Wanda Barefoot says:

    This is gorgeous! Do you think she would mind sharing her color story for this quilt? It’s the most beautiful version I have seen anywhere! I would love if she could email me the correct fabric choices at abookloversretreat1ATgmailDOTcom if that’s not asking too much. If so, I completely understand. Thank you!

    1. Jenni Smith says:

      Hi Wanda, I will ask Clare and pass on your details. I’m sure she would be happy to share if she still has the details. Thanks for watching and commenting.

      1. Wanda Barefoot says:

        Thank you!

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