Just One Quilt: Christina’s Story

Watch Cristina’s Story here

Nothing beats the feeling of witnessing a person catching the quilting bug. For me, teaching a newly-retired teacher a life-changing skill gives me a huge sense of wellbeing and for Christina, sewing has provided a focus away from a very intense career.

I love that quilting creeps into the minds of people attending my studio for all kinds of sewing, by osmosis. The aim of these films is to do the same via social media and conversations, so that those who never ever considered it as a creative outlet before are itching to have a go.

The mention of Little Women is funny – because we have all been commenting in class on the stunning, pioneer quilts often included in shots in the new movie – which is definitely worth a watch. Home as the heart of the family is a big theme in this movie, and making quilts for the place we feel most comfortable is a major driving force for us too. Christina’s sense of pride and accomplishment in sewing a functional quilt to comfort her loved ones is no different to the feelings of the women in USA in the mid nineteenth century and this universal truth connects makers around the globe and through the decades. You don’t experience the feeling until you step out of your comfort zone and practice a new skill, but the rewards far outweigh the fear in the end.

Thank you as always for reading and watching.

Jenni x


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