Just One Quilt: Chris’s Story

Please watch Chris’s 3 minute. story here

At QuiltCon in Nashville this year the highlight for me was listening to a lecture by Mary Fons – a knowledgable, brilliant woman that made me feel so excited about our craft. One thing she said has really stayed with me – the meaning of the word RESPECT. Re – meaning to go back and Spect from the latin specere – to look. In a nutshell LOOK AGAIN.

Mary Fons lecture at QuiltCon 2019

I’ve seen Chris’s quilts at Festival and they made an impression, but taking the time to make the film and look again, has really given me a huge respect for him as a person, and for his creative process.

Chris @afullenglish

Every square inch of Chris’s quilt has a surprising, beautiful detail. Iconic Liberty prints hanging out with faded denim, novelty candy cane cotton and Pilchard the cat from Bob the Builder.

I was really sad when filming ended and the quilt left the studio. I wanted to keep looking and studying and enjoying a piece that has been made with an enviable playfulness and skill.

Pilchard – from the wrong side of the tracks
Liberty Ianthe and neon sock yarn for stitching some details

Editing the film made me a little sad when Chris joked that his son, the quilt’s owner, called him a cheapskate for gifting it to him! The quilt I made my teenage son Harry a few years back is also hidden in his wardrobe away from view. But ultimately we know that they know we care, and that the quilts we make will be cherished in the years ahead.

Keep up with Chris on Instagram @afullenglish and do leave comments too – it’s lovely to hear from you.

Jenni x

“If I didn’t quilt I would go nuts”


  1. Katemustsew says:

    I’m trying to watch but nothing happened. Have you got this on you tube? I’m trying to watch on an iPad using the link from Instagram.

    1. Jenni Smith says:


      The link is here https://youtu.be/O5ug-qajgIg. Hope that works – my channel is Jenni Smith Sews x

  2. Anonymous says:

    It was great to meet Chris at QuiltCon and I love hearing more of his story. Thanks!

  3. Scott Lunt says:

    It was great to meet Chris at QuiltCon and I love hearing more of his story. Thanks!

    1. Jenni Smith says:

      Hi Scott – QuiltCon was so great wasn’t it. I couldn’t quite keep up with all of Chris’s partying and adventures!

  4. isobel Loftus says:

    Fantastic 🙌 I love Chris’s quilts and lovely to hear him speak about them

    1. Jenni Smith says:

      Thanks for commenting Isobel – his quilts are very cool! I can’t wait to see more of them at Festival.

  5. Sue says:

    Great to see Chris & his quilt. I love hearing the stories behind the quilts. Very honest & inspiring.

    1. Jenni Smith says:

      Thank you Sue. Chris is an inspiring maker, and I loved his honesty too.

  6. Hannah says:

    I love Chris’s style. His sons’s comment made me sad too, but our kids are often flipant, not really meaning to be unkind. My eldest son (also a teenager!) doesn’t like his to keep his quilt in his room, even though I carefully thought our the colour and theme. I think as with all things, the older and wiser we become we learn to appreciate the gifts that have had much love and thought put into them.
    Loving these stories Jenni. Keep them coming! xx

    1. Jenni Smith says:

      Teenage boys! I’m glad you are enjoying the stories and I also really appreciate you taking the time to comment when life is busy.

  7. Mags says:

    I’ve been thinking about legacy recently and while I’m lucky that my daughters and grandchildren love what I make and use them. I’m aware that as the boys get older they don’t. But I think what Chris says is correct. It’s long term thing. I’d love to have a quilt of my dads shirts to cuddle when I miss him. I hope it’s not after we are gone that our boys appreciate the love

    1. Jenni Smith says:

      I hope so too! I said to Harry I might make one when he leaves home and he didn’t look too horrified at the prospect 😂. But I have no doubt they will be treasured, or at the least remembered fondly in the coming years.

  8. Pat Sloan says:

    I love his energy and that you documented his story! His son will treasure this, I bet he secretly does already

    1. Jenni Smith says:

      I’m convinced Bailey secretly loves all the quilts his dad makes for him too. Really pleased you’re enjoying the films Pat x

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