Just One Quilt: Bridget’s Story

Watch Bridget’s story here

Quilts are amazing for many reasons but especially because they allow you to create the ultimate bespoke gift for loved ones. You can follow a pattern but choose fabrics which you know the recipient will relate too (tiger prints for animal lovers, guitars for musicians etc). Or you can go off-piste like Bridget and draw up an image encompassing your thoughts and feelings for the person, then figure out a way to make it happen.

In future generations people will look at this quilt and know there is a story. Who was Sarah? Why were the books stacked on the shelf chosen? Who stitched the penguin on the book spine? Why the suitcases and lamp?

It it witty, charming and unique.

I was also struck by Bridget reflecting on the fact that her mum would be proud of her sewing achievements. The timeless act of stitching certainly strengthens our bond with the past. Often we don’t take up the opportunity to learn skills from family members, or see the true value of them at the time. My eleven year old daughter would currently say she hates sewing and would much rather bake – forging her own creative outlet, but I still hope one day she might feel differently and that we will have that connection.

I can’t wait to see what Bridget comes up with next, and I am totally inspired to think outside of the box for a future project. I hope that you are too.


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