Just One Quilt: Amy’s Story

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Amy’s passion for sewing came from growing up in a crafty home with happy childhood memories of handmade costumes and the rhythm of her nan knitting. However, like many she resisted being taught to sew by her mum, aware that it could be stressful. This isn’t unusual. I learnt all the basics of dressmaking from a family friend who stitched a lined, corduroy coat with me as a teenager. It took weeks, and I never became impatient as I could imagine I might have with my mum or nan, who were both perfectly capable of teaching me!

Amy’s mum obviously passed on some natural talent and made her curious though. She gifted her a sewing machine whilst on maternity leave, a time many people do feel an urge to create, and Amy definitely caught the sewing bug.

The Coffee Ring Studio started when Amy made cloth nappies for her son and then was asked to sew them for friends, and so it grew into a small online business. Quilting was a change from what then became work, but again Amy’s curiosity and natural talent has seen her also take this skill to another level. Amy now creates patterns for magazines and brings her former career as an Archeologist into her designs.

Leaving behind a career to raise a child is a tough decision and Amy is very aware that quilting has filled a gap in her life. I can also see that the online community of friends she has made as @coffeeringsstudio is a great source of support and inspiration. Look out for future collaborations with her son Fletcher too, he’s obviously got talent!!

Here is the link to Amy’s shop


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