Jenni’s Ultimate Quilt Course

All you need to know to make a quilt from start to finish - broken down into easy steps. Your creative journey starts here.

Hello! Please watch through each of the lessons before you get started. These are going to give you a really good foundation in all the basic techniques used in making a quilt and make everything feel less scary.

You can sew a project like the patchwork quilts featured here, or you can transfer these skills to a quilt design of your choice. Be kind to yourself and keep it simple to begin with – there will be more quilts in your future I am sure and plenty of time to experiment.

You are free to combine hand and machine sewing if you wish to gain experience with different techniques. I would recommend that you think of your first quilt as a “sampler” – the perfect opportunity to explore what quilting involves and to figure out which parts of it you really love, and what you find harder. This will help you decide how to move forwards with your next project and don’t forget every process becomes easier with practice.



Hello from Jenni

Meet your teacher Jenni Smith @jennismithsews

View 02

What is the purpose of a quilt?

How do quilts feature in people's lives and what uses do they have?

View 03

The layers of a quilt

A miniature quilt sandwich will help to explain

View 04

Basic Tools for Quilting on a Budget

You don't have to spend a fortune to make a quilt. You don't even need a sewing machine. Watch to learn the basic tools I would recommend.

View 05

Specialist Quilting Tools to make life easier

An overview of the most commonly used tools in quilting

View 06

What Type of Cotton for Quilting?

A few tips of the best fabric for beginners to quilting

View 07

Understanding Measurements and Pre-cut Fabrics

What is a Fat Quarter? A Jelly-Roll? Let's demystify quilting language

View 08

The patchwork quilt in this course

Why start with a patchwork quilt?

View 09

How much fabric do I need?

View 10

How to make a template and cut out patchwork squares

An easy guide to cutting squares without a rotary cutter and mat

View 11

How to rotary cut fabric

View 12

DIY Design Wall

A simple way to review your quilt layout

View 13

Deciding on the quilt layout

How to decide on a layout and organise your rows before sewing them

View 14

Hand sewing the rows together

A useful guide to neat hand sewing

View 15

Machine sewing the rows together

Machine set-up, which foot, stitch-length and lots more

View 16

Organising the rows of your quilt

A quick check that your layout is correct before the next step

View 17

How to press and nest seams

Sorry but you can't skip this step - it's time to get the iron out!

View 18

Joining the rows to make the quilt top

Get your small scissors ready for snipping stray threads

View 19

How to cut and sew a border

Tips for adding borders and how to sew them on to keep your quilt top laying nice and flat

View 20

Making the quilt back

Choosing fabric and cutting out

View 21

Which side of the wadding to use

View 22

How to spray baste your quilt

View 23

How to hand baste your quilt

View 24

Hand quilting or machine quilting?

View 25

How to machine quilt

View 26

How to hand quilt

View 27

Trimming your quilt

View 28

How to make quilt binding

View 29

How to attach the binding

View 30

Attaching the binding by hand

View 31

How to label and wash your quilt