Jenni’s Ultimate Quilt Course

 This course is basically everything I wish I had known before I made my first quilt, and quite a few after that. My style is informal, encouraging and honest.  I know what elements of quilting can seem daunting to beginners and I promise you will feel confident and proud when we are done! 



  • Hello from Jenni
  • What is the purpose of a quilt?
  • The layers of a quilt
  • Basic Tools for quilting on a budget
  • Specialist Quilting Tools to make life easier
  • What type of cotton for quilting?
  • Understanding measurements and pre-cut fabrics
  • The patchwork quilt in this course
  • How much fabric do I need?
  • How to make a template and cut out patchwork squares
  • How to rotary cut fabric
  • DIY Design Wall
  • Deciding on the quilt layout
  • Hand sewing the rows together
  • Machine sewing the rows together
  • Organising the rows of your quilt
  • How to press and nest seams
  • Joining the rows to make the quilt top
  • How to cut and sew a border
  • Making the quilt back
  • Which side of the wadding to use
  • How to spray baste your quilt
  • How to hand baste your quilt
  • Hand quilting or machine quilting?
  • How to machine quilt
  • How to hand quilt
  • Trimming your quilt
  • How to make quilt binding
  • How to attach the binding
  • Attaching the binding by hand
  • How to label and wash your quilt

Jenni’s Ultimate Quilt Course includes the following 

Video Lessons

Every process in making a patchwork quilt is demonstrated by Jenni 

Top Tips

Exclusive access to tips learned through lots of practice

Tools List

An honest review of tools needed for all budgets

Friendly Support

A small, dedicated team to help with any problems

Private e-lesson with Jenni

VIP package only 

“Jenni's Ultimate Quilt Course is the perfect course to get everyone started on their quilting journey. It is designed so that yo create beautiful quilts in small, easy-to-follow steps. Expertly guided by Jenni this course will give you the knowledge and confidence to grow your skills and let your creativity blossom. ”

— The Quilters' Guild




Ultimate Quilt Course


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VIP Plan


  • One x 30 minute e-consultation with Jenni 
  • Instant access to 30 video lessons
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Do I need a sewing machine?

No! I want to encourage everybody to try quilting and my lessons show you how to sew your blocks together by hand.  I had no sewing machine when I made my first double quilt whilst living away in Canada.

What do I need to buy?

The course includes an overview of tools for quilting on a budget, many of which you will already own such as a needle and thread, pencil, scissors and a ruler. The cost of materials can be kept to a minimum using what you have, and recycling. The middle layer of the quilt needs to be purchased and will cost from £10 depending on the size of your finished quilt. 

If you wish to spend more on specialist tools I talk you through all of those too, and recommend what to buy when starting out. Rotary cutters, self-healing mats and quilting rulers vary in price but a starter pack will cost £40 +. 

How do I plan my e-consultation with Jenni?

Once you have booked your VIP package we will contact you via email and set up a convenient time to talk through your project with Jenni.  This can be at your preferred stage of progress, so before you get started, during the piecing or to decide how to quilt your wonderful masterpiece!